Traditional Salad: Buffalo Soy Chykn

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Romaine Lettuce, Soy Chicken, Buffalo Sauce, Corn, Black Beans, Red Onions, Grape Tomatoes, Vegan Ranch Dressing Vegan

Available in 11oz Package

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2 reviews

  1. Patricia Rodriguez

    First time buying this product. Salad is overall tasty. However, the calories in this salad are very high at 602..

  2. Sahara

    I was visiting Cali last week and went to Clark’s in Riverside for some vegan prepared salads to take back to my Airbnb. I found the Buffalo Chyckn salad, and boy was I blown away. It was so delicious and fresh. Please tell me where I can purchase these in Houston, TX!! I can’t wait to try all the vegan options

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